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What is eyelash lamination?

Eyelash lamination consists of making your eyelashes longer , curved, strong and defined .

The goal is to obtain a more open , bright and seductive look .

It is the eyelash treatment par excellence, increasingly used by Italian women and girls.

Our extraordinary innovation

We designed the Beautier Lash Kit™ with the intention of making perfect natural lashes accessible to everyone, and we succeeded!

😍 Quality

Every time you use Beautier Lash Kit™ you will feel like you went to a beauty salon!

🥰 Durability

Thanks to the high quality of our products you will have beautiful eyelashes for whole weeks , and when the effect is over you can do another treatment!

🔁 Can be used more than 15 times!

Beautier Lash Kit ™ contains enough lotions to perform 15+ treatments!

👩‍🦳 Simple to use

Our kit is very easy to apply , you can do it together with another person, but also alone! You will find all the simple and intuitive instructions on the box!

✈️ Around with you

You can always take it with you, wherever and whenever you want!

Fabulous effect!

✅ You only need a few minutes to have perfect lashes for over a month!
✅ You will have magnificent eyes!
✅ With just one treatment, you'll have a look to envy the models for weeks!

How to use Beautier Lash Kit ?

Thousands of satisfied customers!

Over 15,000 satisfied customers with Beautier Lash Kit™ !

You will be amazed by the result! Your eyelashes will be as gorgeous as they've ever been!

High quality

Beautier Lash Kit is made with high quality and delicate ingredients , it has been tested many times and has passed the most rigorous controls. The ingredients are all of natural origin and hypoallergenic .

Guaranteed results

Beautier Lash Kit has already delivered outstanding results to thousands of women and it can make your eyelashes beautiful too!

It's like having a membership to one of the best beauty salons. Indeed, it is better! It costs much less and you can have perfect eyelashes from the comfort of your home!

Domande Frequenti

Quali sono gli ingredienti?

Water (52.9%), Glycerin (30%), Hydrated Silica (5%), Sorbitol (3%), Xylitol (3%), Polysorbate 80 (2%), Cellulose Gum (2%), Mentha Piperita Oil (0.5%), Phenoxyethanol (0.5%), Ethylhexylglycerin (0.5%), Tetrasodium Pyrophosphate (0.4%), Sucralose (0.1%), CI42090 Blue 9 (0.04%), CI7200 Red 33 (0.03%)

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